Shop Seasonal this September


Early Fall – what’s in season?

Warm days and cooler nights means autumn is coming. At Wanda, we like to eat produce based on whats in season!

Why is it important to eat seasonally?

As the seasons change, so does the produce! In Ontario, you can ensure you will be eating the freshest fruits and veggies possible if you pay attention to what’s growing seasonally. Buying locally produced goods also helps the environment, and your community!

How do you know what’s in season?

There are many great online resources to tell you what’s in season! Check out the Ontario Foodland’s Guide to eating seasonally here. If you stop by any local farmer’s markets, it will also be quite easy to see what’s growing abundantly for that season.

What to buy in September?

  • apples
  • raspberries
  • pears
  • peaches
  • plums
  • pumpkin
  • squash
  • beans
  • beets
  • broccoli
  • eggplant
  • garlic

Wanda is dedicated to ensuring ALL produce if fresh – whether in season, or not. We always source the best fruits and veggies for our customers, and love to provide in-season options for everyone!

If you have any questions about seasonal produce, be sure to leave a comment or an email! Wanda is always here to help.

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