We deliver fresh groceries right into your fridge, even if you’re not home.

  • No more waiting for delivery
    Just place your order and select the delivery day. Your grocery shopping is done, and there’s one less task on your list.
  • Fresh groceries, free delivery
    Have your grocery essentials delivered without a fee, while paying similar prices as your local grocery store.
  • No boxes, paper or plastic bags to deal with
    We bring your groceries in special packs designed to keep items safe and cool, without excess packaging. You get exactly what you ordered, but nothing to clean up.
  • There’s more to come
    We want to give you more time to do the things you love. Whether you need a package returned or your dry cleaning taken care of, soon we’ll be your complete solution.

Your fridge fills up while you’re out. Here’s how it happens.


Order your groceries online

  • Plan your day without delivery windows
    We handle the delivery schedule and get your groceries into your fridge with care, so you don’t have to worry about being home to receive your order.
  • You’re always kept in the know
    Our delivery associate sends a notification as they head to your neighborhood, and again when they arrive at your door.

Your delivery happens securely, carefully

  • Access to your suite
    Our associates will retrieve your key either from your concierge or from a secure lockbox at your door or in your building’s designated area.
  • Front door to fridge door
    After knocking, our associate enters and locks your door behind them, then heads directly to your fridge. Always thoughtful, they cover their shoes before stepping inside.

We leave your house exactly as you left it (except your fridge)

  • In-fridge delivery
    Everything you ordered is placed neatly and carefully on your fridge shelves by our associate.
  • Final “door locked” notification
    When your fridge-stocking is finished, the associate leaves, locks your door, and notifies you that your delivery is complete.

Our delivery associates make the difference.

  • Part of a family
    Each associate is a member of Wanda family. We provide world-class training, benefits, and salaries to ensure our associates are at their best when they enter your home.
  • Spotless records
    We run four different background checks on each associate to confirm our confidence, then train them especially for Wanda's service.
  • Careful and considerate
    Our associates know what makes a delivery special. They arrange your groceries neatly and attractively in your fridge or counter, then leave a friendly note so you know everything has been taken care of.

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